The right furniture care

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Many pieces of furniture are an acquisition for life. Whether it’s a closet, glass cabinet, sideboard or bed – it always depends on the right care. We have the best tips for your leather, upholstered, wicker and wooden furniture.
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The best way to care for wooden furniture

Wooden furniture is stable and robust. It is also relatively easy to care for. It is sufficient to wipe it occasionally with a slightly damp microfiber cloth. Small scratches can be removed with a little furniture polish. Deeper grooves can be made invisible with candle wax. Rub a candle over the defective part of the furniture. Scrape off the excess wax with a rosewood stick. After that, you only need to wipe with a damp cloth. That's it!

Here you will find a selection of great maintenance products for your wooden furniture:

Leather furniture - the perfect care

There are special care preparations for leather furniture. However, they are usually quite expensive to purchase. Use natural coconut oil instead. Rub it thinly on the surface. Scratches and dull spots will disappear in no time. If necessary, you can also treat the wooden structures or natural wood elements on your leather furniture with a fine layer of coconut oil. In this way, the material becomes shiny again and regains its high-quality character.

Upholstered furniture loves this care

Upholstered furniture is comparatively susceptible to stains. Dust and dirt often penetrate deep into the fibers and, from experience, are difficult to remove. You can deal with possible stains by wetting the surfaces with a little vinegar. Let the liquid soak in for a short time and then apply a little water to the upholstery. Again, you can rub it in with a few strokes and then wipe it off with a dry terry cloth. Vinegar essence has a special odor. However, it will disappear after a short time - and you can lean back comfortably on your upholstered chair or sofa.

With these products, you are perfectly equipped for the maintenance of your upholstered furniture:

Wicker furniture needs love and care

Nut oil is the magic ingredient for wicker furniture. Even if you occasionally pamper the surface of your wicker furniture with olive oil, the material will remain supple for a long time. If you have bought older wicker furniture in a jumble sale, there is a high risk that the material will be cracked and brittle. However, "pampering" with olive or coconut oil can work wonders. The beautiful piece literally shines in new splendor.

Table of contents

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