Feng Shui for your bedroom

10 tips for the right interior

Feng Shui originated in China, where it dates back more than three thousand years in cultural history. Its main purpose is to shape one’s immediate environment in a way that creates a balance between the environment and the individual’s way of life. It is handed down that by doing so, one can live a happier, more successful and healthier life. If you implement feng shui properly in your living spaces, it can improve your quality of life. Especially the bedroom has a great importance in Feng-Shui. It is not only your personal retreat, but should be an oasis of peace and relaxation for your body and mind. Therefore, it is especially important to avoid disturbing or harmful influences in the bedroom.
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Rule 1: Electronic devices

If possible, you should not place any electronic devices in the bedroom. If this cannot be avoided, make sure that they are disconnected from the power supply at night.

Rule 2: Keep order

The bedroom should be tidy at all times. Make it a point to use as little furniture and accessories as possible, as these can quickly cause distraction.

Rule 3: Color selection

The choice of colors for walls and furniture significantly affects the atmosphere of the room and thus your mood. In feng shui, it is recommended to choose colors that are as soft as possible, such as light pastel or earthy colors.

Rule 4: The positioning of the bed

The way you position your bed in the room is one of the most important basic rules of feng shui in the bedroom. The headboard of your bed should never be placed directly under a window. It is better to choose a place on a solid wall. Heating pipes and other lines should be as far away as possible. It is also important to place your bed inside the bedroom facing west. It is also important that the bed is accessible from both sides.

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Rule 5: Penetrating sunlight

Feng Shui teachings discourage the bed from being in direct sunlight during the day. This causes the bed to be charged with too much energy.

Rule 6: Roof slopes

If the room has a sloping roof, you should not place your bed directly under it. If this cannot be avoided, cover the slope with cloths or something similar and thus conceal it.

Rule 7: The position of the bedroom

In order for the energy to flow optimally, the bedroom should, in the best case, be oriented towards the west. However, if this is not possible in your apartment, a feng shui climate can be created with the help of the other tips.

Rule 8: The choice of the bed

You should make sure that your bed is on legs and that there is enough space under the bed. Also, you should not use this space as a storage area. The bed should be made of natural materials such as wood.

Rule 9: windows and doors

The teachings of Feng Shui say that the strongest energy flow is between the doors and windows. For this reason, your bed should not be placed on a line between them, otherwise you may suffer from restlessness and nervousness.

Rule 10: Plants

Plants in the bedroom provide a pleasant indoor climate. However, make sure that the plants you choose are not too big, otherwise the flow of energy may be interrupted. Small pots or hanging plants are optimal.

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Table of contents

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