Table decoration do it yourself

5 ideas including instructions

You can equip your table for different occasions and matching the different seasons with pretty decorations, which you can also easily tinker yourself. Here you get 5 simple ideas – to do it yourself!
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1st idea: Everyday objects as table decorations

With old wine bottles or other specially shaped glasses and vases, you can make a beautiful table decoration yourself without many tools. To do this, spray the used bottles with a varnish of your choice, giving them a new look and a little variety. The bottles look particularly elegant if you use gold lacquer, for example. Make sure that your freshly painted containers can dry completely. Then decorate them with flowers or other objects. An additional highlight is a string of lights powered by batteries. Your bottle decoration will be especially impressive if you add homemade candles.

2nd idea: garland of fresh flowers

Add a touch of spring or summer to your table with a garland of fresh, maybe even self-picked flowers. Of course, depending on the type of flowers, this decoration can also look autumnal or wintry. You will first need about thirty to forty fresh flowers of your choice. Cut the stems of the flowers to a length of about one centimeter. Then thread a fishing line into a needle. Then start threading the flowers onto the fishing line. Once you are satisfied with the length of your garland, cut the line and tie both ends together.

3rd idea: Friendly Halloween or autumn decoration.

Pumpkins, preferably at Halloween, are popular to hollow out and decorate with all kinds of faces. However, a hollowed-out pumpkin can just as easily be used as a small plant pot for various plants, such as succulents. Hollow out the pumpkin as usual and then place a plug sponge inside. Now there are no limits to your creativity. Put the succulents or other plants of your choice into the sponge and arrange them according to your ideas. If you add some pine cones or fresh autumn flowers, these will provide the finishing touch to your homemade table decoration. It looks especially original if you choose pumpkins in different sizes.

4th idea: Upcycling for a special vintage charm

The term "upcycling" describes the use of old items for a new purpose. This can also be implemented as part of your table decoration. Especially if you find shabby chic or vintage appealing, you can breathe new life into old or already discarded items. An old teapot, for example, can be repurposed as a very special vase for your flowers. Or how about scattering some pretty porcelain cups in the middle of your table for your signature flair? Old items always exude a touch of nostalgia and ensure that your homemade table decorations become an original eye-catcher.

5th idea: Balloon decoration for the birthday table

With a few things you can decorate your birthday table festive and fun at the same time. All you need are some balloons filled with gas, a writing stencil, some acrylic paint and a brush, and a ribbon. Label the balloons with letters of your choice. How about the name of the birthday boy or girl? Do this using the stencil and acrylic paint, which you carefully brush onto the balloons. After they are completely dry, you can fix the balloons to your table with the ribbon.

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