Find great furniture at a budget price

7 tips when looking for furniture on a budget

The purchase of new furniture can be a considerable burden on the household budget. High-quality furniture costs a lot of money, and even if unusual furnishing wishes are to be realized, you usually have to dig deep into your pockets. But if you’re on a tight budget, that doesn’t mean you have to stack boxes of oranges to sit or lie down properly. We have the 5 best money-saving tips for you if you want great furniture at a great price.
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Tip 1: Consider the region

Experience has shown that saving money when buying new items for the interior often depends on the region you live in. In big cities like Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich or Cologne, interested consumers often pay up to 20 percent more than they would in the countryside, for example. The fact that furniture and home furnishings stores in rural areas are much less frequented in comparison usually prompts operators to make prices more attractive. You are therefore well advised to go furniture hunting in small villages or rural towns and cities. You'll be surprised at the savings potential this offers.

Tip 2: Compare

If you don't compare, it's your own fault. This saying can be heard again and again in advertising. In fact, it's always a good idea to cut corners when it comes to purchasing furnishings and decorative items. Check therefore the folders, flyers and brochures of the furniture offerees. It pays to compare!

Tip 3: Googling

You can get initial price information by visiting the hottest furniture stores. On this basis, you should then consult Google to save even more money on the purchase of your favorite furniture. Even if it takes a little time - your wallet will be happy.

Tip 4: Online vs. Offline

Often, buying furniture online is a great way to lighten the load on your household budget. The corresponding providers often have neither warehousing costs, nor rental expenses or personnel costs to bear. These, on the other hand, are very much incurred in the retail trade - and are passed on directly to the customer. So it's not surprising that you can get your dream sofa or shelving unit for up to 40 percent less online. Apart from that, you also save on gasoline and parking fees.

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Tip 5: Negotiate

Of course, local vendors have recognized the trend toward online purchasing. Nevertheless, in order to appeal to as many customers as possible, they offer visitors the opportunity to negotiate prices. Certainly, this is not everyone's cup of tea. But when it comes to saving money, you'd be well advised to give this offer a try. When buying online, there is usually no such option.

Tip 6: Timing

If you prefer to buy new furniture in local stores, you can save money not only through targeted negotiation, but also if you catch the right time. In fact, buying furniture often comes down to optimal timing as well. The big furniture stores often reduce their prices on Thursdays. Some, on the other hand, raise the price level on weekends. The customer then has to shell out up to 20 percent more for a cabinet, an armchair or new kitchen furniture. Inform yourself therefore in the apron about the appropriate conditions and shift the furniture purchase therefore if possible on a working day.

Tip 7: Second-Hand

Second-hand furniture is in vogue. Whether in the local classifieds market, at the flea market or at the jumble sale - with a little luck you can discover beautiful furniture for you, which will become a glamorous eye-catcher in your apartment. Even furnishings in need of restoration look like new again with a little paint and varnish.

Buying furniture is fun.

Even if bargain hunting is sometimes a bit exhausting: the chance to save a lot of money when buying new furnishings makes the eyes of numerous thrifty people light up!
Table of contents

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