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This Is Home: The Art of Simple Living

This is Home is an interiors book about simple living and how to focus on our values to create authentic homes full of meaning and joy.


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This moving sand art will bring you unexpected surprises, every time you rotate this moving sand art, it will create a new 3D sand art picture.


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Live safely – protect your property!

In this special you will learn everything about the most important insurances around your own home, the different possibilities and their advantages. With our tips & tricks, you can sit back, relax and live carefree.

About this blog

A home where we feel comfortable is important to us

What does “home” actually mean? Regardless of the point of view, many people have already grappled with this question. On the one hand, the home we grew up in shapes us. Our family, neighbors and surroundings usually form long-lasting & fond memories. Some feel the need to return to their first home in later years and start a family there themselves. Others decide early on that they would like to be at home in another place one day & find happiness there. Likewise, various factors influence whether we can more easily feel at home in another place later on. But no matter where we go in life, everyone agrees on one thing: feeling at home is one of the most important prerequisites for a happy life.

And we can consciously influence many of the factors that contribute to our well-being. Whether in the apartment, in the house, on the balcony or in the garden. To varying degrees, we can design everything the way we want it. You want to give your apartment a new coat of paint? No problem! You feel like you want to create something yourself that will make your home unique? Then don’t wait long! Get inspired on the platform. Here you’ll get the best tips and tricks for a garden that will delight your friends! On this page you will find everything you need to feel good at home and thus significantly increase your happiness.

Little Home Book

This neutral decorative book will make any space in your home look much more luxurious and styled without the hefty price tag that normally comes with these home decor books.


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